Research goals

Our research at the Chair of Strategic and International Management examines contemporary topics with high academic and managerial relevance. We aim at answering research questions at the highest international standards and providing practical solutions to companies and executives. Our chair creates accurate, valid, and reliable results using a structured and goal-oriented approach. We also support doctoral candidates and young scholars by active mentoring in order to lay the foundations for successful careers in research and practice.

Research areas

Our research concentrates on the process as well as the antecedents and implications of strategic changes in companies. We integrate real business and financial perspectives and examine interactions between the internal and external environment of firms. Our research projects focus on the following three core areas:

  • Dynamic Corporate Strategies,
  • Dynamic Competitive Strategies, and
  • Dynamic Strategy Processes

Research methods

We analyze phenomena from a dynamic perspective by thinking across time and in changes. In addition to conceptual and theoretical considerations, we use longitudinal data and time series to test hypotheses.

Research outcomes

We regularly visit international conferences, such as the Academy of Management Conference, the Academy of International Business Conference or the Strategic Management Society Conference, and publish research results in highly ranked academic journals. We also transfer our research results and insights into business practice through articles in practitioner journals and cooperations with well-known partners.